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  • Capacity: 4
  • Maximum speed: 287 km/h
  • HP: 850

ManuAllaya Resort

Heli-skiing India – powder in the Himalayas. What adventurer hasn’t ever dreamed of standing on the roof of the world? A very special kind of powder snow is waiting there for you. The particular climatic conditions in the Himalayas make the snow a powder dream come true.

Prices: from CHF 9'590 / per person
What is included?
  • Transfer from Delhi to Manali and back
  • 6.5 days Heliskiing incl. 30'500 vertical meters
  • Full board (without alcohol)
  • Avalanche backpack
  • Shovel, probe + avalanche transceiver
  • 7 nights in a double room
  • Rental ski
The options
  • 6.5 days incl. 30'500 vertical meters
  • Private package (2 groups with 3 persons)

Lodge & area

  • Capacity: 24 guests
  • Area: 2700-5000m
  • Base: 2000m
  • Ø Snowfall: 18m
  • Forest/Alpine: 0/100


  • A-Star
  • Capacity: 4
  • Maximum speed: 287 km/h
  • HP: 850


Delhi Airport
90min Small aircraft
Kullu Airfield
1h Bus
Manali Lodge

The Himalayas aren’t that easy to describe. It is hard to find the right words, because you have to experience the roof of the world, before you can grasp its beauty. Covered in glistening white, the grey peaks rise up towards the sky, untouched powder as far as the eye can see, and beyond. Head out into the thrilling landscape, which is characterized by ridgelines, steep cascades, glaciers and cedar forests, in very small groups of 4 heli-skiers and boarders. You should be well-trained for the terrain and already have some heli-skiing experience, because breathing can be difficult at 5,000 metres’ altitude.


Manali is a small town situated at 2,000 metres of altitude in the state of Himachal Pradesh, at the northern end of the Kullu Valley. It is the location of the 4-star Manuallaya Resort, which specializes in outdoor sports guests. From trekkers to mountaineers to heli-skiers and boarders, the adventurer community meets here and shares experiences in the cosy bar, possibly about encounters with the yeti. All of the rooms have an ensuite bathroom and the guests can relax in the health club with sauna, steam bath and massages. Robert Thornten is there for you in the kitchen. He has already cooked for Queen Elizabeth II and conjures up fresh European, Indian and South East Asian dishes every day.


Himalayan Heli Adventures guarantees safety, without compromising on fun on the roof of the world. The particularly low guide-to-guest ratio of one to four speaks for quality. The experienced Swiss pilots are trained in snow safety and rescue technique, and our Swiss engineers look after the care and maintenance of the helicopters.

Why to go to India?


Heli-pads at 4,000 metres’ altitude


Panoramic views that are hard to match


Swiss pilots and engineers

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